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Tuttle Cameras  One on One instruction  

Spend an hour or two with you, your camera, your questions, and one of our highly skilled professional photographers. From preparing for a big trip, to zeroing in on your specific lighting issue, to figuring out how to catalog and manage your image library this 1-on-1 instruction is a great place to find answers to those and other questions.


YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE IF: You're frustrated with your camera and not getting the images you want out of it; you've never taken a class before and want a gentle introduction; you have a complex photography question you want to go through with someone piece by piece; you prefer 1-on-1 to group learning environments.


WHAT TO BRING / REQUIREMENTS: To be discussed with your instructor, but typically this includes:


    Your camera, fully charged battery and memory card (instruction manual can be helpful)

    Or, your laptop with power cable

    Any accessories (flashes, lenses, filters) you wish to review in your time with the instructor



Once you've purchased your time the instructor will call you to setup a date and time to meet at Tuttle Cameras in Long Beach. Call the store with any questions: (562) 354-6080.

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